RUSSIA: +7 911 123 18 41 USA: +1 347 305 10 50
RUSSIA: +7 911 123 18 41USA: +1 347 305 10 50




You pay only 150 USD/ per hour


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I am Photographer and Videographer in USA. I do Photography and Videography and shoot beautiful photo and video of the best moment of your life! If you need a professional Photographer and Videographer with 

"good taste" and refined style, who is able to adjust to your personal preferences in shooting, then you have found him! I work in USA, Europe, Asia, Russia, and other countries. I have a lot of experience as a Wedding Photographer and Videographer and commercials, children and family parties.


In 2011-2021 I worked with:


- TV Chanal One, Russia (more info...);
- Jeff Monson, American mixed martial artist (more info...);
- "Miami-Mama" company, USA (more info...);
- "Status Med company, USA (more info...);
- "Sunny Medical Center", USA (more info...);

- elite real estate company "Bogatovrealty" USA (more info...);

- real estate company "Azura Realty", USA;

- real estate agency "Miami-Myhome", USA (more info...);

- singer "Idelia Mars", USA (more info...);

- «Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia», USA (more info...);     

- Ivan Usachev studio (more info...);

- TV channel «Peretz», Russia (more info...);

- internet project Luckystreams"; 
- a lot of private clients in USA and Russia.

- «Bobox» company, Finland (more info...);

- «Saint-Petersburg culture committee» (more info...);

- «Saint-Petersburg welfare committee (more info...);

- «I am the citizen» internet portal (more info...);
- «Time to help» charity (more info...);

- Schools and kindergartens (graduation ceremonies, children's matinees);

- And, of course, with my lovely private clients from Miami, FL, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Finland, Irland, Mexico, Bahamas, Canada and USA!

Why choosing me?


  • I am always happy to give you a consultation on Photography and Videography, share my experience and give proper advice.
  • I shoot photo and video in any city of USA, Europe, Asia, Russia, and the rest of the world.
  • I like to keep friendly and casual atmosphere while shooting.
  • I make beautiful creative photo retouch.
  • I give photos and/or videos in any portable device preferred by you.
  • Every day I improve my technique of shooting and editing and with every new work I strive to make something special and memorable.
  • I work according to the Contract, One you have signed the Contract you may rest assured that all Contract points will be followed.
  • I offer convenient packages so that you can choose what suites you best.
  • Every month I make special offers. 
  • And finally I love what I am doing and this is the prerequisite for success.


I am doing the following: 


- Weddings Photography and Videography

- Commercials Photography and Videography

- Reportage Photography and Videography

- Interior Photography and Videography

- Object Photography and Videography
- Children’s Photography and Videography

- Family Photography and Videography

- Studio Photography and Videography

- Love story Photography and Videography
- Video clips Production

- Fashion projects Photography and Videography
- Other Photography and Videography

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Another important part of my work is music. I can also write for you music, poetry and make musical arrangement. You can listen to the songs by clicking Music...



With best regards,